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Juicing Machine ImageJuicer machines are the essential product behind the latest craze: juicing. Juicing means more than going to the store and buying some orange juice to guzzle down. It means buying raw fruits and vegetables, and a juicer machine to juice the raw produce. There are several varieties of juicer machines, and without one, juicing will be nearly impossible. Since juicing carries with it so many benefits, it is hard to imagine a scenario in which a person wouldn’t want a juicer machine. Juicer machines are essential components to a modern day healthy kitchen, and will improve the health, both physical and mental, of all juice drinkers.

Basics of Juicer Machines

Juicer machines work on a basic principle. They squash, or masticate raw foods, extracting the liquids from the pulpy membranes of the fruit or vegetable. A whole fruit or vegetable gets put down the machine’s chute. On one side is a container for gathering the squeezed out juice, and on the other side is a compartment for gathering the pulp, which can be composted or fed to chickens. It takes quite a bit of produce to get a large amount of juice, but when the health benefits of juicing are taken into consideration, it hardly seems like the produce is being wasted. A juicer machine is the perfect way to take advantage of the liquid potential within every fruit or vegetable.

Types of Juicer Machines

Since juicing has grown so much in popularity in recent years, juicer machines are becoming easier to find. They can be found on the Internet and at retail stores such as Walmart. Their price can vary from anywhere around thirty or forty dollars, to over five hundred dollars. Chances are that most homes will do just fine with a lower end juicer, unless you plan to juice fast frequently, in which case you may want to invest in a more heavy duty juicer machine.

Reason for Juicer Machines

Even with all the recent buzz about the benefits of juicing, it’s possible that people don’t know all the reasons why freshly made juice is so superior in quality to store bought juice. Store bought juices have been through some kind of packaging treatment; if it is bottled or canned, the juice has been heated to high temperatures, resulting in the loss of a significant portion of the most beneficial nutrients and enzymes found in fresh produce. Likewise, frozen juices have been plunged to temperatures so cold that many of the same beneficial elements of the foods are lost. Juice that is made at home with a juicer machine will not be heated or frozen, and so the maximum nutrient value from the fruits and vegetables will be retained in the juice and passed on to the juice drinker, resulting in improved health and well being.

Juicer machines open up whole new possibilities for food consumers concerned about their health. Some of the live nutrients and enzymes in juicer machine juice help to detoxify a body and lead to improved circulation and mental functioning. Juicer machines are a good purchase, and so many people have realized this that finally, there is a wide selection of juicer machines to choose from when a person decides to make this life improving purchase.

There are alternatives to fresh juice using juicer machines. I use products that have been juiced, without heat or cold, and then dehydrated. There are quite a few companies that do this however it is necessary that you do some research to find a company that provides a dehydrated juice that has not been molecularly ruined.

Raw Juicing has been a way of life for my wife and I. Both my wife and I use powered juices from AIM. The most important juice is BarleyGreen, Barley Green is made from young barley plants that are juiced and then dehydrated. The health benefits vary from individual to individual, however, people have claimed dramatic results. My wife has MS and benefits greatly from BarleyGreen.

We also use AIM’s powered Carrot Juice and Beets. We mix all 3 together in either water or fresh carrot juice. The taste is something we look forward to and both of us notice a drastic decrease in energy when we miss a day or two!

Perhaps the knowledge of what these juices are doing to our bodies is one of the most rewarding benefits. These are pure foods, that is, the minerals, elements, molecules are in a bioavailable form. Your body can use elements to rebuild and often times that rebuilding could me a cure for what ails you!

You can check out these Superfoods at My AIM Store!

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