Questions About Grape Juice

James asks…

How do you get grape juice off of white and gray towels?

I was drinking a glass of grape juice while I folded my laundry and the juice spilled. It only stained a white towel and a gray pair of shorts, but the stains are very visible, and I love the shorts, how do I get the juice off?

Scott answers:

Try Oxy-Clean. You might end up with just white towels though.

Helen asks…

Does the grape juice used to make wine taste good?

Commercial grape juice typically is made with concentrate. Would it not be more interesting to drink a pinot noire or cabernet grape juice rather than just “red” or “white”?
Any ideas?

Scott answers:

Yes, the grape juice used to make wine is phenominal. Becuase the grapes are a little over-ripe when picked the flavor is intensely sweet and very thick. However, why sell a gallon of grape juice for $4-5 when you can let it sit for a couple of years to make $80 from that same gallon?

When visiting a vineyard in Bordeaux a few years ago, a friend of mine asked the exact same question and was met with looks of horror from the owner of the winery. Why sell grape juice when you can make wine, a beverage associated with even the “Son of God”?

Ken asks…

Can grape juice turn to wine if you leave it out long enough?

My history teacher said that it’s possible. And one of her students had a juice box of grape juice and she left it out for a week and it turned to wine like it tasted like wine.

Scott answers:

The simple answer is yes. All you need to make wine is a juice and a yeast. Yeast is a naturally occuring thing and is commonly on grape skins. Now if your grape juice has been pasturized or sulphited then this is not the case. Check for any preservatives these will inhibit yeast growth. If you dont have preservatives making wine is as simple as putting it in a big jug and adding yeast and putting an airlock on it (let air escape but not get in). This will keep it sterile. If you maintain it at a reasonable temperature it will ferment and you will have wine. It may not be up to par with really good stuff, it will still be wine. If your still interested check out homebrew stores like northern brewer.

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