Questions About Juice Fasting

Sharon asks…

Does anyone wanna share there results of water/juice fasting?

i know unprocessed juice is more enjoyable, but i wanna go with what works better..

lets make this like a little forum on water/juice fasting and share your results and experiences.

Scott answers:

If I don’t get enough protein, I personally get too low blood sugar and feel too faint to cope….don’t recommend it…..

Mandy asks…

Can anyone suggest any good books about fasting and juice fasting?

I’ve done some research about short term fasting. I would like to try it because of the health benefits you can get out of it.

I’m NOT doing this for religious purposes, this is purely health related.

Also, if anyone has any books or programs that they would recommend that help detoxification, I would appreciate if you’d list those as well.

And if anyone has done this before, put those comments in as well.

Thank you all.
These aren’t fads.

Fasting for health has been around for thousands of years.

Scott answers:

The master cleanse! (it’s a book) Also referred to as the lemonade diet. It sounds weird (drinking just lemonade), but it’s more complex than that. I did it and it was amazing. Really hard the first two day, then after that it was great. I was going to school full time and working full time, playing sports, and still had tons of energy – no idea I would feel that way. I lost a few pounds (trust me – i’m not overweight at all) of crap that was built up in my insides, and I felt great. Look into it.

Joseph asks…

Is it ok to take antidepressants while juice-fasting?

I took myself off of anti-depressants a while back and recently started a juice-fast. I’m starting to feel that old familiar hopelessness again and it’s hard to get out of bed, etc. This may be a side-effect of the fast itself and will pass as other detox things have, but I’m not sure. Does anyone know if it’s ok to take the meds while juice-fasting? I’m getting nutrition; much better nutrition, frankly, than when I’m not fasting—BUT my system is cleaner, and it seems like my body would be more easily affected by the meds. Please only reply if you are a seasoned faster or a medical-type person who is on-board with fasting; I’m not interested in defending the validity of fasting. Thank you!! Nicole
i’m fasting on vegetable juice, not fruit juice……all that fruit sugar messes me UP….
lol……..i’m ALREADY off of anti-depressants, have been for months………i think i need to get back on them but am now fasting and don’t know if i can do both things at once………thanks for your answers so far!

Scott answers:

I’m a true believer in fasting of all kinds and have done several juice fasts, so good for you for getting healthier! I take anti-depressants as well, and honestly, I think it may have been a bad idea for you to go off of them on your own. Did you go cold turkey? My suggestion would be to either do some excercises/yoga that you have done before that you KNOW will lift your spirits. Read positive things and do your best to smile and be happy. If that doesn’t help, or you get worse, I would say try a dose of your meds and see how it effects you. You don’t have to continue taking it if you have effects you don’t like. Best wishes for all!

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