Questions About Juicing Beets

Betty asks…

When you’re juicing beets, do you need to peel the skin off?

Scott answers:

No, you are talking about raw beets!

David asks…

I am juicing Carrots, Beets and Celery everyday as I heard this was the “Bomb” as far as juices.?

Any experienced juicers out there who have any comments? I don’t eat nearly enough vegetables and some days not at all. So this is what I am doing…
Any fruit juicing ideas? I am throwing Papaya, Melon and pineapple every morning.
70% carrots. 20% celery. 10% beets.

Scott answers:

I don’t know what ratios or how much but that’s a lot of sugar.

Additionsl details:

yeah i don’t know really, i’m no juiceologist,
but carrots have a ton of sugar i’d go easier on the carrots and like the other person said add green leafy things.
Really dense juice can be upsetting to the stomach though, diluting it with either water or a lot more celery juice would be advisable. Get a book on juicing and what your ratios for carbs and stuff should be.

Sandy asks…

Is it ok to juice or eat beets that have gone soft?

I bought some beets last week. They went soft, when i cut them open they are bright red and appear healthy. is there anything i should worry about? im just juicing them. any farmers or health enthusiasts out there can help? I dont want to waste them but i dont want to make myself sick either.
too late, i couldn’t wait and juiced them anyway, all is well, for now :)

Scott answers:

No problem you can eat soft beets as long as they don’t get white spots or blue spots. Beets get bitter when they are spoiled. Even bad beets won’t make you very sick cause they still contain alot of iron! Beets contain more iron than spinach but the same can’t be said for brussel sprouts.. They contain about the same amount as iron as Beets. I use soft sliced beets when I make my fake fried bologna!

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