Questions About Juicing For Health

Jenny asks…

What are the health benefits of eating pomegranate?

I always hear that pomegranate juice is good for you, and I love eating the seeds, but what are all the benefits of this beloved fruit?

Scott answers:

Great info in the link below…

Pomegranates are:

Rich in Disease-Fighting Antioxidants
Protect Your Heart
Fight Osteoarthritis
Keep Prostate Cancer From Returning
Help Lower Bad Cholesterol
Lower Blood Pressure
Get Your Nutrients
Protection for Newborns
Fight Breast Cancer

Lizzie asks…

Anyone know where to find good health food stores in Singapore?

I need a place to buy organic cocoa butter, oils, and other organic, natural products. So far all the places I have been to that call themselves health food stores are supplement shops (pills and crap). Thanks.

Scott answers:

I am also into organic food.
There are so many stores in Singapore.
I don’t know which area u are at.

So I would suggest NTUC. As there are NTUC everywhere.
I would purchase my rice milk, dry apple snacks,buckwheat or some nuts.(all organic)
at some shops. If am at NTUC, I will buy it there.

There is a shop whereby I got the best Coconut oil and Probiotic juice in Singapore.
The address is at Block 532 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10. The shop name is Faith Hope Agape.
It is actually a alternative clinic. The lady helped my mum live another 10 years as my mum
got cancer. They are into homeopathy and chinese medical. I got a lot of good products that helped my asthma too. But the thing is I need to make appointment as they are seldom in opened as
a lot of their customers love home visit. Of cos charge more.

At times I feel lazy to go down,
I will ask for delivery from them too.
Very nice kind lady. Perhaps u can look for them
and next time u don’t need to go shop for your stuffs.
Just call for delivery.
Hee…. Easier for u cos I also don’t like people to
introduce me tons of pills.

John asks…

Is your body weight and a half in protein really health when your working out?

Health and Fitness Magazines including their ads promote protein, and its obviously a good thing, but if you read medical reports or advice it seems taking that much protein is bad for you and could affect your liver because of the chemical breakdown in your liver and keytones…etc..

Starting to think of moving away from protein supplements and just maybe using some creatine or something?

Any doctors out there or some solid facts on that?

Scott answers:

U need to be very careful about ur diet when u r working hard on gym or ground.
U need to take lots af water juice fruits along with ur protein supplement

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