Questions About Juicing For Weight Loss

George asks…

How do I lose weight without eating anything?

I need a temporary weight loss to lose a couple pounds. I’ve been on a juice detox and I’ve been working out 1 hour a day for the past week. I’ve managed to lose about 4 pounds, but I need a quicker fix. How do I lose weight on just water and Juice?? Like how much should I drink a day and when?

Scott answers:

I hope you’re not suggesting to diet by starving yourself at first I thought maybe you mean by not going on one of those over used TV buzzing diets. But a resource I have is from a nutritionist so you can start there and see if it is what your looking for.

It’s free no signing up or paying or anything like that just so we are clear on that for those haters who like to thumbs down everyone because they add a resource link.

Sandy asks…

If you use a detox/cleansing drink and you do this each month would it help with weight loss and digestions?

If you use a detox/cleansing drink and you do this each month would it help with weight loss and digestion?
what are some good detox drinks to take?

Scott answers:

I do a one week master cleanse every 6 months

during master cleanse you only drink maple syrup + lemon juice + cayenne pepper. It is great for detox and weight loss. I feel really fresh everything i do it

William asks…

what would be a good breakfast for weight loss?

I heard that eggs are really good for weight loss, 1 or 2 a day.
I just want to know what a really good breakfast would be. Because I never used to eat breakfast, and I am eating it now, but feeling tired all the time…


Scott answers:

Well i eat oats, put a hadfull in a bowl put some milk in (low fat if you want) pop it in the microwave for 90secs, take out and add some more milk if you like
you can also use water but i’ve ever tried it

they’re really filling so you don’t over eat at lunch or in snacks (even i they’re healthy ones) and yummy with these following toppings

-mixed frozen berries
-grate in an apple
-i had this today, it was seriusly amazing; half a banana, honey and cinnamon yum!

And a glass of water or fresh juice
apparently fruit juice from the shop has as much sugar in it as sodas, so i’m not taking risks

good luck!
If you do try, hope you enjoy :)

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